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I'm Cid Kent and this is Deva, my fabulous Danish Warmblood mare.

Has Deva ever dumped me? (the company calls it an "unscheduled dismount").  The answer?  It's not "yes" it's "hell, yes".  I'm a Dressage rider, but a horse is a horse is a horse and they sometimes have their "unscheduled dismount" moments.


I've had Deva for 17 years and have been riding longer than that.


I had a catastrophic horse accident (not on Deva) where I broke my neck, my back, and fractured my skull and had to be airlifted to the hospital.  As soon as I was able, I wanted to ride again and was told my the doctors "absolutely not".  You're a rider.  You know what I did.  But to level the playing field a bit, I decided to buy an air vest just in case I had another "unscheduled dismount".  Thank goodness I did.  Hit Air saved my life.


I was on Deva going through the woods and a speeding armadillo run under us.  I was hit by a tree limb and swept off the saddle  and there I was, rolling about without a single scratch.  I did my happy dance all the way home (she beat me there).


I love Hit Air.  If you wear a helmet, then you know about safety.  Wear a vest.  Wear the best vest possible.  You're Worth It.

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Cid Kent  (352) 267-2567  Clermont, Florida 34711